Tattoo Salvation &
Piercing Redemption

est. 2012

Louisville, KY

Open for walk-ins and by appointment.

Monday - Saturday
noon - 8pm
noon - 6pm
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Jesse Fraser

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  • @jesse_fraser
  • Jesse is the owner of Tattoo Salvation. His books are currnetly closed except to past and current clients. Feel free to join his waitlist above. If you have been tattooed by Jesse in the past, please email him directly.

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Alex Sublett


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Danny Stacks

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  • @dstackstattoo
  • Danny joined Tattoo Salvation in 2018 and specializes in tradition/neo traditional tattoo style. Appointments are preferred but he will do walk-ins when available.

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Adam Potts

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  • @lotsa_pottsa
  • Adam started tattooing in 2001 and founded Tattoo Salvation in 2012. He works in the American traditional/neo-traditional style. At this time he is working by appointments only.

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Piercing Redemption


Piercing Redemption is Louisville's only single use piercing studio. Everything that touches a client, including tools, has never touched anyone else, and will never touch anyone again. We use state of the art technology for cleaning, sterilization and aftercare. We offer a wide range of implant grade titanium and genuine gold jewelry for initial piercing. All jewelry is hand made in the US, polished to a mirror finish and carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects.

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Joshua Spriggs

  • @mr_evulh
  • Joshua finished his apprenticeship in 1997 and has been in the industry, in some respect since then. Specializing in complex ear work, and trouble shooting. He also is a proponent of more ethical practices in the industry and focuses on both piercer and client education. He is the first, and longest tenured member of the Association of Professional Piercers in the area, holding that accreditation since 2015.

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Kay Miller

  • @piercistofazkaban
  • Kay is our newest Piercing Redemption team member, having started her apprenticeship under Joshua in 2018. Also an APP member, her main objective is to give you the safest piercing experience and to have you leave beaming with confidence. She's here for you Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Ryan Soeder

  • @ryansoeder
  • Ryan has been piercing since 2005 and helped open Piercing Redemption with Joshua in 2015. A generalist, he believes that no piercing is strange or boring as long as it makes you happy and improves your quality of life. He is availble for appointments and walk-ins on Saturdays.

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